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Box cushions
Box cushions are not the easiest design of cushion to make. If you are thinking of attempting a more advanced cushion project such as this for the first time, do start by making a few scatter cushions before moving on to these rather more difficult designs.
Box cushions usually serve a more functional purpose as seat or back cushions of one type or another, and all have a "razor" (welt) to give them additional depth or height. The zip should be inserted in the centre of the welt along the back edge where it will be hidden from view.
Box cushion construction
As with round cushions, to achieve a more tailored effect and crisp shape, the top and bottom sections should be piped. A really professional finish is achieved if care is taken to match the fabric pattern so that it follows across the top of the cover and down the front of the razor.
Take care to match the pattern along the top, middle and bottom panels, as shown here
Plain piped squab cushion
The squab cushions shown here (and below) have been constructed in exactly the same way as a traditional box cushion, but has ties along the back edge for securing the cushion to the back of the chair.
Squab cushion made with striped fabric and plain piping
When making this type of shaped seat cushion, it is always advisable to make a paper pattern of the seat shape before you begin, so that the box cushion fits the chair exactly.
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We hope you have enjoyed reading Exploring Cushions and that you will find the design ideas and tips here helpful when embarking on your next cushion-making project. Don't forget you can email us with any sewing or soft furnishings design questions and we will do our best to help out!
Email Wendy at: customerservices@simplyfurnishings.com
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