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Interior Design Concepts - Introduction Simply Furnishings Design Index - Introduction 
Interior Design - Introduction

Interior Design - Colour

Interior Design - Pattern

Interior Design - Proportion

Interior Design - Texture

Interior Design - Mood

Interior Design - Quality and function

Interior Design - Design Tips


Our Design Index has been produced to give you inspiration and to help you create a beautiful home following the basic design principles that are used by interior decorators worldwide. If you feel you really don’t know where to begin in putting together a scheme, would like some ideas for a cushion design, help in exploring 'mood' in planning a new home or are undecided about a particular colour scheme, then take a few moments to browse through our Design Index. We are working towards the creation of a comprehensive interior design resource, that will be packed with photographic images, illustrations, written material and top tips to help you get started.

Each section is presented separately so that you can go directly to the interior design concept that is of most interest to you. However, take the time to explore each of the sections thoroughly before making your choices, as they will help you to understand the interrelationships between the different elements of interior design. We have also highlighted some of top tips as follows "TIP"so that you can browse greater speed.

Interior Design - bringing together colour, texture, proportion, pattern and mood

Where to start

Feeling totally at a loss as to where to begin? Worried you have neither the confidence nor the money required to achieve the look you aspire to? Think again! Good design has little to do with cost, it is rather about having a good eye and there is no reason to be too phased by this. You may not have a natural eye, but it is certainly something that can be learnt and you can train yourself by reading and most importantly, by observation. Many beautiful things are inexpensive - a simple rattan or lacquered tray, a bright kelim or a piece of embroidery might appeal to you. It really is the person that makes the home and whatever you put into a room will say something about your own personality.

It really doesn’t matter where you start in putting together your scheme, but using the colours that inspire you is always a good way to begin. Collect fabric swatches, carpet samples and cut pictures out of magazines that you like. Try and think about all the components in the room scheme right from the outset, just as you would plan buying a very special outfit and all the accessories!

The type of lighting you will be using is obviously something that should be built in right from the start and the positioning of electrical sockets will make a difference to what items you can position where. Remember, if you are buying a brand new home you may have the opportunity to specify these requirements early on, so talk to your builder sooner rather than later!

Design Inspiration

Inspiration for design can come from many totally diverse sources. It may be a special piece of china, a design on a scrap of wallpaper, a cutting from a magazine, a postcard or even a beautiful piece of architecture! Keep your eyes open and take in what is around you all the time, you will immediately know what appeals to you and what does not.

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